At Apple Hill, we grow a variety of apples, along with other fruits and vegetables that we sell in our store. Here are a list of the Ohio Apples and other fruits that we grow, and the dates that they will be in season.  Please note: Picking dates for pick your own fruit Ohio, may vary from year to year and not all varieties are available for picking every year.  Refer to our "This week at Apple Hill" page. 
APPLES Picking Dates
Lodi July 10-20
Pristine July 20-25
Jersey Mac August 1-10
Paula Red August 10-20
Williams Pride August 10-20
Ginger Gold August 15-25
Earliblaze August 20-30
Red Free August 20-30
McIntosh September 1-20
Honeycrisp September 1-15
Gala September 1-15
Empire September 5-15
Liberty September 5-15
Jonalicious September 10-20
Early Fuji September 15-20
Cortland September 15-30
Jonathon September 20 - October 5
Red Delicious September 20 - October 10
Jonagold October 1-15
Golden Delicious October 1-25
Melrose October 1-25
Mutsu October 5-20
Ida Red October 10-20
Stayman October 15-30
Rome October 15-30
Goldrush October 20-30
Fuji October 20-30

PEACHES Picking Dates
Redhaven July24 - August10
Flaming Fury August 5-15
White Peaches August 5-10
Harmony August 15-25
Contender August 20-30
RedGold Nectar August 25-30
Madison August 25 - September 5
Redskin September 1-10


Other Fruits Picking Dates
Bartlett Pears September 1-10
German Prune Plums September 5-10
Tart Cherries June20 - July 10
Asian Pears October 1